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A global brotherhood with weekly meetups in person and virtually online.

We’re a group of men dedicated to being greater men, greater versions of ourselves week to week, day to day, moment to moment.

We do that by holding ourselves individually to a certain standard and then doing that in a group with other men raising all ships.

Before joining a MENtorship meetup please read this and watch the short video below.

So, it’s a men’s group… now what?!
One core part of our philosophy is that there’s no one right way to man. We’re not just trying to make carbon copies of ourselves. What we’re actually doing is creating and holding a space where men can show up to be wholehearted Kings, Warriors, Magicians, Lovers, wholehearted men.

We do that by sharing what’s alive and Real, by getting vulnerable, by risking courageously to be ourselves.

If this is something you’re interested in…

Welcome to theMENtorship.world!
The Vision
Founded in 2018 by Dai Manuel, and Nik Wood, the MENtorship has been an ongoing place for men to find strength, solidity, togetherness, and personal power.

There are now multiple meetups around the world and more are coming. Magic happens when great men unite.

There’s no one right way to “man”.
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Why Vulnerability is a Human Thing

Why This Space Exists
For Men