Rules and Guidelines

We are here to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be. That includes treating others with respect and to maintain confidentiality.
You can share your own experience and are encouraged to do so. Anything about anyone else is off-limits to anyone outside of the group.
No Coaching or Advice

You can share your own experience and are encouraged to do so. We aren’t here to fix each other and so please keep your advice and suggestions about anyone else’s situation to yourself.

One Speaker
One person speaks at a time and we ask that there be no interruptions. The Facilitator might see fit to intercede at times but for the most part, people will be allowed to speak.
The Hand Signals
We use hand signals to show engagement without interruption.
After every share, the group is asked to pound on their chest/heart 3 times.
If moved by a share, the same three pounds of the chest can be used.

If touched by a share, touch your heart with an open hand.

If someone is sharing something to which you can relate, show your hand and touch the table (or if no table is present, simply mime that you’re placing your hand on a table).
If someone is speaking in generalities, point at yourself with your thumb inviting the speaker to speak from the “I”.
Speak from the “I”
Avoid generalities such as “It’s hard when you talk to your girlfriend and…” and instead speak from the I “I find it hard to talk to my girlfriend and…”. This makes the shares much more personal.
Be present
Avoid being on your phone or having side conversations. Do not be on your phone during the session. If you have something going on in your life, handle it and we’ll assume that you’re doing something essential, if that’s not the case, just put your phone away for an hour and a half.